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Custom Fabricated Trash Can Enclosures


The purpose of our product is to cover ugly, unpresentable plastic cans and have only beauty shine in its place.

     Our trash cans can be made of any desired dimension to fit your business’s default inside catches (aka rubber trash cans).  A door on one side of the enclosure opens up to allow easy access to your garbage cans. Our go-to can holds a 32 gallon tub perfectly.  We advise choosing between two types of our cans: Inside and Outside enclosures. Outside enclosures have the metal enclosure with custom paneled sides. They have metal hoods for braving the weather and come with the option of cement or brick bottoms for powerful winds. Inside enclosures match the outside enclosures but they come with the option of removing the weather hood.

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1. Choose your Design

     Many businesses choose to use a cutout of their logo on the face of the panels. Some also choose animal cutouts for a wildlife panel. Does your business have a specialty or symbolic event you would like to portray? We can make panels to fit all of your needs and wishes!

     Bring us your logo along with designs, pictures, and clip art that you like while we design your custom panels! There are four panels for each trash can and you can fill them all with matching, repeating, or totally different panels for each side! Make a whole new theme or world with each individual enclosure that exemplifies the beauty of your company and passions!

2. Choose your colors

     We want only the best for our customers; so, we have all of our enclosures and their panels powder coated. Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Powder coat is 4 to 10 times thicker than traditional spray paint. It is used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint that will not flake off.

     Most of our customers in the past have chosen to rust the faces of the panels and then we have them powder coated with clear satin to preserve the rustic look.  Powder coating the rust will prevent the color and texture from being rubbed off or destroyed and it keeps the panel looking great!


The weather hood is 14 in. tall, 26 in. wide, and 26 in. deep. It helps keep your garbage cans safe from anything the rugged Montana wilderness can throw at it. It keeps the elements from flooding or ruining your cans and it discourages animals from eating your trash.

The trash enclosure standard size (with a weather hood) is 26 in. wide, 26 in. deep, and 52 in. tall. If you are wanting inside trash can enclosures, they are 26 in. wide, 26 in. deep, and 38 in. tall (this is without the weather hood).

All enclosures come with the option of adding casters, bricks, or concrete. Casters aide with easy rearranging and cleaning. Bricks and concrete are placed in the bottom of the trash can to weigh the enclosure down and prevent them from falling in the wind or if animals were to try to get into them. It is certainly a good idea for enclosures that are permanently outside with minimum surveillance.


We would love to meet you and discuss your custom trash can enclosure! Give us a call at (406) 702-0536!

We have matching trash can and cigarette receptacles! Click the button below for more information on cigarette receptacles!

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